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Many of the ships were recovered for salvage; but those remaining submerged have helped make Scapa Flow into one of the most popular dive sites in Europe.

As well as the WWI wrecks, there are many "blocking" ships.

When divers first visit UK seas they are often amazed at the diversity and abundance of life (although, in winter, they are sometimes also dismayed by the cold water).

There are an estimated 8500 marine species of plant and animal.

As we got down to around 15 metres we approached the plane from the front, a sight that was kind of eerie, first you see a large shadow, then the nosecone and then the cockpit and wings; it was awesome.

The doors and seating have been removed and the tail section is separated from the main fuselage which makes it easy to access and swim around, it does test ones buoyancy.

The best vis is between December and March, but days are short and the water cold around 7 °C.

You can dive all year round, using inland sites when the weather is rough. Her seas regularly host 13 species of marine mammal and even leatherback turtles.

Seventy-four German ships had been anchored at the Orkney Islands of Scotland.

They were sunk to prevent them being divided up amongst the allies.

Many photos of the underwater life of St Kilda are in our British Isles photo gallery.

Reviews: " Capernwray, the nationally acclaimed diving centre located inland just outside Lancaster.

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