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This quiz is based off of the Wattson Scott Test, so some of the questions are similar or the same.

It’s not the line so much that is frightening as it is why and when she said it. But she was actually preparing them to become completely submissive, active participants in bearing children for other women.

Aunt Lydia speaks these words to Ofglen right after she was forced to have a clitoridectomy as punishment for being what they call a Gender Traitor. As noted, she believes this to be the true purpose for handmaids.

In her eyes, June doesn’t realize everything Gilead is doing for her. Somehow, the despicable nature of forcing women to have intercourse with men (while their wives sickeningly sit behind them to simulate that it’s them being penetrated), then making them carry and immediately give up a child is lost on Aunt Lydia. They filled the air with chemicals and radiation and poison! And she believes that it is all of these gross acts that led to God punishing women (and men) with infertility.

She fiercely believes that her “girls” have been given a gift, saved from the unrighteousness of the modern world and designed for one sole purpose: to bear children for the barren wives of the Commanders.

What makes this statement so frightening is that, in a way, Aunt Lydia is right.

This isn’t the first horror film to claim that it’s based on a true story.

In fact, that happens so often that the boast has become eye-roll inducing.

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