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Studies suggest that the mass media - from television, magazines, to social media – contributes to body dissatisfaction by perpetuating dominant body image ideals for men [13] and for women [14, 15].

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Online dating has become increasingly popular in the United States (U. In addition, results from a 2017 survey suggest current dating app use could be as high as 30% among 18- to 29-year-old U. And while they are primarily marketed as an avenue to find dates and potential romantic partners, motivations to use dating apps have evolved over time.

As with social media platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram, dating apps also allow people to connect, network and socialize with others, often providing an opportunity to see other users’ semi-public profiles and photos [4].

On Tinder [9], which has an estimated 50 million users worldwide and 10 million active daily users [10], users can “swipe right” or “swipe left” to indicate if they respectively like or dislike a particular profile [8].

Thus, individual dating app users are continuously engaging in a cycle in which they are evaluating profile pictures and brief descriptions of others yet are being subject to scrutiny themselves.

Some research studies also suggest dating apps may provide new avenues for appearance-based discrimination among users [11].

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