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It was something to this day, I mean, I carry that with me.I find pleasure a difficult thing; I don't know what you do with it, I don't know where to put it." Laurie was brought up in Oxford and attended the Dragon School from ages seven to 13 and later stated, "I was, in truth, a horrible child. Palmer, were runners-up in the Silver Goblets She introduced him to his future comedy partner, Stephen Fry.In 2001, he voiced the character of a bar patron in the Family Guy episode "One If by Clam, Two If by Sea". In 2004, Laurie guest-starred as a professor in charge of a space probe called Beagle, on The Lenny Henry Show.Between 20 he starred as an acerbic physician specialising in diagnostic medicine, Dr. For his portrayal, Laurie assumed an American accent.In July 2006, Laurie appeared on Inside the Actors Studio, where he also performed one of his own comic songs, "Mystery", accompanying himself on the piano.He hosted NBC's Saturday Night Live, in which he appeared in drag in a sketch about a man (Kenan Thompson) with a broken leg who accuses his doctor of being dishonest. In August 2007, Laurie appeared on BBC Four's documentary Stephen Fry: 50 Not Out, filmed in celebration of Fry's 50th birthday. He also hosted Saturday Night Live for the second time on the Christmas show in which he sang a medley of three-second Christmas songs to close his monologue.Laurie was also awarded a large increase in salary, from what was rumoured to be a mid-range five-figure sum to 0,000 per episode.

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According to Laurie, she endured the disease for two years and suffered "painful, plodding paralysis" while being cared for by Laurie's father, whom he called "the sweetest man in the whole world".

It resulted in Laurie, Fry and Thompson being selected, along with Ben Elton, Robbie Coltrane and Siobhan Redmond to write and appear in a new sketch comedy show for Granada Television, Alfresco, which ran for two series.

Fry and Laurie went on to work together on various projects throughout the 1980s and 1990s. Wodehouse's stories, in which Laurie played Jeeves's employer, the amiable twit Bertie Wooster.

He followed this by stating, "Pleasure was something that was treated with great suspicion, pleasure was something that...

I was going to say it had to be earned but even the earning of it didn't really work.

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