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This way you make sure you have your fast energetic strains the days you go to the gym, and your slow euphoric strains on your lazy Sundays.

If you're someone who has a preference to either fast, moderate, or slow types, it's fine to customize your rotation to include a little more of your favorites. Following a new proper rotation schedule can even help the kratom veterans who have been already taking it for quite awhile.

Some vendors actually organize the speed of their kratom on their site, which can help if you're unsure.

It's a smart idea to plan out your kratom rotation.

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If you plan to take kratom on a fairly regular basis, knowing how to rotate is imperative to maintaining potency.

If you would rather stick to the basics for now, check out my Beginner's Guide or How To Take Kratom.Rotating works by alternating the various types day by day which helps keep the receptors in your brain fresh.If you only use one strain everyday, you'll build up your tolerance quickly.The first and main indication is from the country or province the kratom is from (also often shows it in the name).Almost all strains from Thailand are fast (like Maeng Da), and most from Bali or Borneo are slow (usually named ‘Bali’).

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