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The hierarchy illustrates what Vox is so skilled at doing: seeing patterns.

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Will women still be able to trade up, yet screen out the less fit men from reproduction?He wants to hear everybody’s ideas, discuss things, and refine them. Those are Rollo’s roots, and they have served him well.It is not game he discusses, but the wider implications of intersexual relations, and how to navigate them. He wastes no time, placing the post in the Ugly Truths category as he explains the status and repercussions of the current dating game environment.Vox breaks down the male behaviors into seven distinct ranks: Alpha, Beta, Delta, Gamma, Omega, Sigma, and Lambda.Indeed, the creation and utilization of the socio-sexual hierarchy is what separates Alpha Game from other game blogs, with future posts relying heavily on the new definitions, and general understanding of various ranks undergoing further refinement through the years.

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