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Bad news: nothing you can do or say will ever make a guy be with you if he doesn't want to. Good news: while you can't manipulate a relationship to work in your favor, there are a few things you can do in order to nudge him into considering making you his girlfriend.

The trick to getting him to commit is to make him want to be with you. But he has to feel that he came to this decision on his own.

You begin to wonder if maybe he has a commitment phobia, and how you can convince him you're the right girl for him.

Montresor knew that Fortunato would disagree and insisted on entering the vault, leading him into his death by immurement.

The Swedish fictional character Alfie Atkins uses reverse psychology in the children's book You're a Sly One, Alfie Atkins! He exaggerates his own childishness in order to convince his older cousins to sit at the grown-up table.

The culture industry mass-produces standardized material. This would not be dangerous if the material was meaningless, but it frequently offers and reinforces ideals and norms representing implied criticism of those who fail to match up.

Empirical studies show that mass culture products can lower confidence and self-esteem, and cause humiliation among men and women whose particular characteristics fall outside the normalised range for appearance, behaviour, religion, ethnicity etc.

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