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William Shatner has apologised to the burghers of Ilfracombe for claiming, on national TV, that the Devon seaside town is a hotbed of prostitution.

However, Shatner undermined the earnestness of his apology by insisting someone must be having sex in the resort for "something of value", the Daily Mail reports.

To be on the safe side, we generally select the next higher value that we have on hand; 51 Ω in this example.

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LEDs have a maximum continuous current rating (often listed as If, or Imax on datasheets). What this really means is that a typical current value to aim for with a standard LED is 20 m A to 25 m A—slightly under the maximum current. Running an LED near its rated maximum current gives you maximum brightness, at the cost of power dissipation (heat) and battery life (if you’re running off of batteries, of course.) If you want your batteries to last ten times longer, you can usually just pick a current that is only one tenth of the rated maximum current.

Shatner, who is also famed for his theatrical reinterpretations of popular beat music, then quipped that the town "is laced with prostitution" prompting show regular Paul Merton to add "You try and buy a stick of rock there." However, the slur on the town prompted local councillor Paul Crabb to write to Shatner, to invite him to the town, presumably to demonstrate that it is indeed hooker-free, if not Hooker free.

"If he came we could show him that there is no prostitution in Ilfracombe and that it is a lovely coastal town with spectacular scenery and a close community," Crabb declared.

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