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Soon there was a growing list of major guitarists playing custom PRS guitars including Ted Nugent, Peter Frampton, and Al Di Meola.We generally associate PRS guitars with Carlos Santana, but getting him to endorse PRS guitars wasn’t easy.PRS uses a variety of choice tonewoods including Mahogany, Ovangkol, and Maple for backs and sides, pairing them with Sitka Spruce tops to create uniquely warm tones that also have the ability to cut through the mix in ensemble playing.: All PRS Acoustic Electric Guitars have a Fishman GT1 pickup system which features both an undersaddle pickup and a preamp mounted in the soundhole, with ergonomically designed volume and tone controls that are easy to access while you are playing.

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Beginning in 1976, Smith would build about one guitar per month until his brand took off in 1985. His way of finding customers in those days was to bring his guitars to shows and try to make his way backstage before or after the show for artists to try them.

The traditional X bracing allows the top to resonate really well, giving the voice stability and a characteristic punch.

The Hybrid is a combination of an X soundhole bracing with a classical ‘fan’ bracing, which ‘locks down’ the guitar’s back and sides, allowing it to project through the top with a unique voice.: The tonewoods chosen for the back and sides of an acoustic guitar help determine the guitar’s overall sound.

Keeping all of the same specifications as the SE Custom 24 that started it all, including a maple top, mahogany back, wide thin maple neck, 24 fret ebony fretboard, 25” scale length, the PRS patented molded tremolo, the latest SE Custom 24 features dual 85/15 “S” pickups with a 3-way pickup selector switch and push/pull tone control for coil tapping capabilities, making it more sonically versatile than ever!

But the best PRS guitar for metal, specifically, should meet the following criteria: I've played PRS guitars since before I had a driver's license, so I can say confidently that they're a top-notch brand.

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