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Hmmm, I've got the slackademic version of LR3, but according to the store, there's no cheap upgrade option – I just have to buy LR4 outright (for A8.62 edu pricing). Yah just after they went through putting pricing parity in place for LR3 they do this.AUD prices , 1 for the boxed product, 7 for the electronic download.Edit: maybe not if you are located in Cuba or North Korea due to US export laws :) Currently, the Adobe North America Store is available only to residents of the U. Not sure if there is even AU Lightroom support or if you get re-directed to the US anyway ?For those with LR3 is there anything of value in the box versus the download? is the manual (if there is one) worth the difference in price? I think that is a great move, but it does mean that the adjustments are quite different. In general they seem to have pumped the adjustment brush full of steroids. The idea being that you could use it to see how it goes or contribute to the development; but you shouldn't really use this instead of production software. Haven't looked at it yet but read it has highlight and shadow recovery as a new feature. Lights/blacks sliders: This is much bigger than it seems.

Plus the possibility that your entire catalog could be rendered useless with the next beta, or even just go up in a puff of digital smoke: it is only the first beta! And the sliders take a bit of getting used to – the exposure slider, in particular, needs a much more delicate touch. So many images just need a litlle tweak and they are doneski. I just wish they could display focus points and camera profiles of the Canon. It's up for sale on Adobe US website, USD 9 full product, with free shipping till March 31st.

It's not like they host the files here or administer the licenses even.

I take your point as I've thought about this before whilst paying a premium for stuff I don't want or don't need simply to support a local presence for a multi-national company.

Like the lady says, you could use a color brush, but this way your life is so much easier.

Think using a speedlight in a room with any kind of artificial light.

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