Paisley daily express dating early twenties dating

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You can find a newspaper from an important date – which could be your birthday (if you want to know what happened on the day you were born, search the day after your birthday).

Or search for all editions covering your chosen topic, team or personality’s greatest moments.

We can give our thanks to Jeff by purchasing his latest book. 10 Years of River City Jeff Holmes Jeff Holmes is a full-time journalist with Media Scotland but worked on River City for the first six years of the show as a prop man.

Prior to that, he was employed by Scottish Television for 25 years, with the bulk of these spent in the drama department.

The Paisley Daily Express man has revealed that his final fundraising total was more than £850.

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Jeff's wife Elaine wrote - All these people who donated were so kind and gave because they knew what i'd suffered.

I hope this money goes a long way to helping TVT Mum.

It’s a voluntary, non-profit organisation which offers help and support to men and woman who experience severe health problems and complications arising from medical devices made from polypropylene synthetic mesh, which is used for hernias, prolapse, stress urinary incontinence and other bladder and bowel disorders.

Jeff’s wife, Elaine, is a sufferer so the decision to collect cash for the UK-wide TVT Mum was an easy one.

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