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Which leaves pretty much every sympathetic man in a bit of a bind. Most men agree there should be consequences for perpetrators of sexual harassment. I wonder if I have anything in common with Weinstein, Ailes, and Trump. Oftentimes, people get away with this behavior not only because women do not report it, but also because men can turn a “blind eye” and ignore it.

Most men will never fully understand what it’s like to be objectified at a young age or repeatedly threatened by men of greater strength or power. Or struggle to square the staggering statistics with our own limited experience. The less other men ignore the issue, the less comfortable it will be for those people to behave that way (commit the crime).

If men openly declare no tolerance, then he will know he also loses the respect and support of his own gender if he behaves a certain way (commits the crime). Men will always pose a greater physical threat to other men than women do.

Once a perpetrator has to worry not only about his victim, but about other men as well, he is likely to think twice (at least in the case of harassment).

”I flash back to a rape awareness lecture during college orientation.

Do we actually need another voice in the cacophony condemning Weinstein, or are the millions of women who are telling their #Me Too stories good enough? Is it anything like the silence of the enablers at Miramax, or the Hollywood community who turned a blind eye because “hey, what are you gonna do?

The girl I went to summer camp with in the early ‘90s. The entertainment lawyer who danced with me at a friend’s wedding. Thanks to #Me Too, I know way too many women who have been sexually assaulted.

I wanted to say something about being a happily married man, a father of a daughter, a dating coach for women.

The good guys — the ones who would never commit sexual assault — can only throw up their hands, wondering how to avoid getting lumped in with the bad guys. Men are causing the problem, but are men the solution to the problem? The fact is: most of us tend not to think about issues until they directly impact us: Health care. Sexual assault creates a culture of fear, distrust, and wariness that millions of clueless men cannot grasp until watershed moments like this. It shines light on the horrors faced by women which most men cannot fathom. Rest assured we are equally horrified but don’t know how to express our support and create positive change.

Not only will he feel like an outcast even among his own gender, he is aware that he will face confrontation (not necessarily just physical, but in general) with his own gender.

Think about it – if any man who contemplates so much as harassment (from a man in a high position in an office to the dude at the bar) will fully know he will be confronted by a group of other men if anyone gets wind of his behavior, do you not think it would make a difference?

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