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I was asked to write a short story in under ten minutes; when I failed to finish it in the alotted time, she asked me to describe how it would have ended.

I was asked to create shapes with a set of hexagonal wood pieces, and to put a series of pictures in chronological order. I was given a questionnaire to fill out, evaluating my feelings towards my family, my school, and my classmates, and how I thought they felt about me.

Like the confusing, seemingly useless rules, I had spent much of my educational career being shuffled from resource room to tutor without any seeming rhyme or reason; I just accepted the doctor’s appointment as one more in a long line of odd things my parents and teachers made me do.

So I didn’t know at the time what was in that evaluation. After spending several pages describing the strengths and weaknesses the doctor had observed, she gave her diagnosis: non-verbal learning disorder.

I didn’t see it; I don’t think I even knew it had arrived.

Nor do I know what I would have thought if I had known; I still didn’t realize what the appointment had been about.

And since I wore a uniform to school, she didn’t need to worry about my embarassing her in front of my teachers by showing up in tie-dyed sweatpants.

But when we had an appointment or were visiting extended family (usually the latter) she would lay clothes out for me.

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You can’t sit by yourself on the playground and read books, even though your teachers are always telling the class that reading is important.

I didn’t know why we were seeing a doctor in Oakville, since my regular doctor was right there in Hamilton, but I didn’t really care either way.

The doctor’s office was much fancier than my doctor at home: wall-to-wall carpet and nice leather chairs.

When I was ushered in to see the doctor, her office looked more like a classroom than a proper doctor’s office; where were the needles and stethescopes?

The tests she had me undergo, too, felt much more like schoolwork than anything medical.

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