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These medical conditions include ovarian cysts, thyroid problems, Mc Cune-Albright syndrome, central nervous system disorders, or external sources of estrogen.

In girls over age 6, these other causes are quite rare, but should at least be considered by your pediatrician.

Wide variations are seen in the sequence and timing of these events, but peak growth velocity (fastest growth rate) always precedes menarche.

For boys, the testes and scrotum begin to enlarge first, usually at about 10 to 13 years.

A few months later, pubic hair develops (facial hair comes about 2 years later).

The pubertal growth spurt usually follows about 6 months after pubic hair.

Your friends are right to be concerned about the chemicals used by agribusiness, but from bovine growth hormone I would be more concerned about cancer.

Early maturation in girls is categorized in two main types: rapidly progressive and slowly progressive.

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Many girls, however (particularly those beginning puberty after their 7th birthdays), will start puberty early, but still go through each of the stages at a more typical pace.If she is aware of these, she can make informed decisions for herself. During adolescence, it is vital to teach her the habit of regular breast self-exam.If she has a child, breastfeeding will lower her risk.Pubic hair usually begins to appear 6-12 months later. Lastly, menstruation begins (called menarche), on average, 2-2.5 years after the onset of puberty.The mean age for a girl’s first period is 12.75 years.

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