Nigerian culture and dating

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Surely you have seen how many posts have been made by by non-Nigerians who are experiencing MAJOR problems with Naija men.

The best solution is to stay away anf keep to their own men and if they cannot, then I might as well devise the 'Dating Naija men commandments'.

As for the driving, I let him drive my car all the time,no problem with that.

But i wanted to ask,what is that made most of you angry?

As compared to a few of the other Nigerian tribes (like the Yoruba and Igbo) the Benue population is not really known for being culturally exposed or the brightest in academics.

With that being said, this is the only explanation I can use to the reason why they have such tendencies to irrational insecurities.

Maybw, I don´t see something,that you feel its insulting.

Friendly, Anurika (I don't know if im spelling it correctly!! Im just looking out for my fellow non-nigerian sisters.

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This is mostly because of their belief and customs. If he is buying himself a new phone, he would get one for you too.

Like I said, inter-tribal dating is something that is relatively new in Nigeria.

So I wouldn’t be able to give you the low down on every of the 200 tribes we have.

I'm sure it's difficult for a woman who goes through life believing that she is doomed never to find a good man I think most of these tips can be used with men,no matter the nationality.

What is different is the one with the pepper, Jesus,you have to have a strong stomach!

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