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Even though he showed us how to do it in a few seconds, we spent hours trying to light one without success. Yet, during the six-month trial, we would meet every day and ride the same van to court.

As our hands and legs were shackled, we would assist each other since the marshals would not fasten our seatbelts while they drove recklessly.

When my collection of poems was published in 2004, I thanked him for being the first to listen to the poems and for his critique and support.There has been a big void in my heart since , the day I lost a dear friend, brother, and “cellie,” Sameeh Hammoudeh.Sameeh and I were in prison together in Florida for more than three years beginning in 2003, when the US government sought to send us to the gulag for the rest of our lives.We were arrested in the aftermath of 9/11 when, under pressure from special interest groups and right-wing media, the Bush administration targeted us in a politically motivated indictment related to our Palestinian activism and charitable work a decade earlier.During these dark days we became cellies, sharing a tiny prison cell together for more than 20 months when we were held in isolation in a federal penitentiary.

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