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I asked him how he met her, what she looked like, how the date went, and why it ended.

It was just like I was interviewing him for Dating Diaries!

I actually liked the friend much better, even though he was there with Melissa. Halfway through my meal, I took a break from eating to digest and relax.

The guys were using slices of the crusty bread from the table to finish the tomato sauce left on their plates. I was shocked, but was able to pull my face back far from the plate to avoid more splatter. I looked down and there were blobs of red across my chest. Before I had a chance to say anything, Jacob did it — and said something about how I was wasting my food and how he would have it if I wasn’t going to eat it. I finally said something about germs, how he was being gross and that I wasn’t even finished eating. I couldn’t tell if he was trying to be funny or what was going on.

It was nice to talk over dinner, even if it didn’t begin or end as a love connection.

Sophie is 28, works in real estate, and lives in midtown Toronto.

Melissa asked me something and then all of a sudden, while I was looking at her, Jacob stood up, leaned across the table and stuck his bread in the middle of my plate, sopping up my sauce. I used some water and cloth napkins to dab at the sauce on my top, but it seeped deeper into the material. The table of people beside us were staring at us in disbelief. Melissa was trying to calm me down, and was saying it wasn’t a big deal and my top could be cleaned.

I saw Jacob’s friend giving Jacob a look, like “Really? The next thing I heard was Jacob asking Melissa to throw in some money for dinner. Jacob’s friend didn’t say anything or even offer to pay for Melissa.

Over the months, I’ve had numerous requests to stay single forever so I can keep writing about my dating misadventures.Tanya is 40, works in insurance, and lives in Roncesvalles.She says “I would say I’m cute, but not pretty or beautiful.And yet, while even I thought that I’d stop writing about dating once I had gotten myself into a relationship, I feel that this is simply a new chapter in my big ol’ book of relationshipery.And with that, I’ve decided to keep this going, only now, you can laugh, cringe and cry at my anxious internal monologue as I blindly stumble to impress, woo and not fuck up a good thing – Poor guy. So, what could be more obvious for a couple of mountain bikers than to go for a ride as a first date?

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