My turbo tax is not updating

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This type of request doesn’t affect your credit in any way, no matter how often you view your credit score.

A soft credit inquiry is a credit pull that does not affect your credit score.

In addition, through trusted partnerships with financial institutions and credit card providers, Turbo connects customers to personalized offers designed to help you realize your financial goals.

And anyone can use Turbo—you don't have to be a Turbo Tax customer to use Turbo.

Since Trans Union controls the content of your credit report, you will have to contact Trans Union directly if you have a dispute.

However, if you see an inquiry on your credit report from a company you don’t recognize, you should contact that company and inquire why the inquiry was made, since it could be from someone else making an application in your name.

Keep in mind: Turbo and Turbo Tax have the same login info so you would use the same user ID and password for both products.

Seeing your free credit score and credit report with Turbo won’t impact your credit score.

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Once you are signed into your account, we recommend you add or update your phone number.Your information is safeguarded by encrypting it when it is stored in our systems. You may have to wait a few moments if the internet connection is slow.Additionally, our security specialists work behind the scenes to protect your information. If that doesn't work, check your Internet connection to ensure that you're connected.If this happens, ask the company to send a letter directly to Trans Union requesting the inquiry be deleted.If you have information that the inquiry was made fraudulently, send the information to Trans Union.

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