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But remember, complaining is human nature, and perhaps if you have nothing else to complain about because your looks have given you so many advantages, this is one of the few remaining things to complain about. For men, the evidence says they are happier because of the advantages — higher earnings, more attractive wives — that their looks generate for them.Q: They might have better jobs and nicer cars, but are attractive people happier? For women, this is also part of the story, but among women their good looks per se make them happier."I guess it's a testament to how strong our generation was, right from a young age," Davison told The Spectator."Scott and Tessa and Patrick were at the top very, very young. It'll be very interesting for me to watch, because I haven't witnessed it before as a coach." Virtue says: "It's been so cool to have lived this process side by side, competitively and also on tour, which is a unique environment on its own.But it's also the national championships for novice, juniors and seniors (from whose ranks the Pyeongchang team will be selected).And if you appreciate these kinds of Venn Diagrams, take note that Thursday was also when the roster of our first non-National Hockey League men's Olympic team in 24 years was announced.

The correlation between looks and intelligence is essentially zero.

She eventually took up pair skating and competed for a few seasons with Samuel Tetrault.

During the 2002–03 season, they won silver at the Junior Grand Prix Final and also became Canadian junior champions. The two had a successful junior career before moving up to the senior level in 2005–06.

"We competed so long together that not only the skaters but the Canadian fans and audiences have got used to us. We'll be excited to see how the next group grows and unites with each other." Ancaster's Bryce Davison, who was really part of that same cohort and won the 2008 world bronze medal with Jessica Dubé, now coaches the country's No.

2 pairs team in Liubov Ilyushechkina and Dylan Moscovitch, who will also not return to "eligible" (formerly amateur) skating after the Olympics.

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