Meter data validating editing estimation

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It is a Powered by a bitemporal data model with rich analytics, Kx for Sensors supports any sensor and frequency, tags and attributes with nanosecond precision.

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The challenge for companies seeking actionable operational and business knowledge from their large scale sensor installations is that they are not able to keep up with the VEE processes needed to support data analytics systems because of the high volume and velocity of data.

Faulty operational data can have negative implications throughout a business, hurting performance on a range of activities from plant safety to product quality to order fulfillment.

Bad data has also been responsible for major production and/or service disruptions in some industries.

This involves comparing sensor data from multiple sensors and determining which sensor readings to use, or using some formula, like estimating the average, to derive a reading to be used.

For applications that need data for analysis or billing, even when data quality is suspect or missing, the data will need to be estimated or edited.

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