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[Read: 19 ways to own the cowgirl position and make it hotter] #5 To give you multiple orgasms. Moaning elicits a primal response, not just in the body, but also in the brain.

This is like a consecutive winning streak for them. It gives your partner a sense that what he’s doing is pleasuring you, and that makes him feel oh-so-manly.

This keeps you emotionally objective, and in a position to choose more wisely."When women are dating more than one man at once they also appear to have a “high-value” status is the eyes of men.“They instinctively know that they can’t take her for granted, or they’ll lose her to a more deserving candidate,” Sami said.

Sami added: “Rotational dating doesn't mean you have to sleep with everyone.” 1.

This encourages women to date more than one man at the same time.

Sami said: “When you do this you’re less likely to get too attached to any one of them quickly.

No man has ever rejected the idea of coming inside a woman’s mouth and watching her swallow every last drop.

If you’re getting frustrated or bored in bed because he’s not telling you what he desires, give these 20 foolproof guy-pleasers a try. Let’s admit that no latex company has ever come close to inventing a condom that feels exactly like human flesh.

Just be sure you have other methods of contraception available before giving him the go-ahead on this one. Lying down with their arms behind their heads and having an orgasm without lifting a finger? Let him be the king of the bedroom every once in a while.

Keep it casual Rotational dating doesn't mean you have to sleep with everyone.

It simply means continuing to see other men for harmless cinema and lunch dates, till one man from your rotation majorly steps up and asks you for your full commitment. Keep the faith“In my personal experience (I attracted my husband while rotational dating),” Sami said, "and in the experience of my clients, a man who really wants you will move mountains to be with you, and will not be deterred by the fact that he's got some competition.

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