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The last time I had to extend myself in the friendship department was nearly 30 years ago when I spent a couple of years in New York City.

When you're in your twenties, meeting new people doesn't seem so daunting.

You take for granted how effortless friendships are that have so much time and history.

You know one another really well, you know what to expect from each other, and even if you don't see your friends every day, you know they are there for you.

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Low confidence might be holding you back or infecting your relationships or work performance.

But now I work from home in a small town, and I'm past the point of hanging out at clubs or bars to find friends.Sometimes, as much as you want to have friendships, you'd just rather curl up with a book than attend some social gathering or meet-up with a group of strangers.Especially for introverts, it takes a lot of emotional energy to put yourself out there. This is how Ron and I met our new best buddies here in Asheville.I knew before I moved to Asheville that I would miss my friendships, but the excitement of a new adventure to a cool, new city quelled my concerns.The first six months felt like an extended vacation, but as winter set in and the novelty wore off, I began to miss my friends in earnest.

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