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Tonight, there will be a Fatal Four-way and the winning rookie gets to swap his Pro if he so chooses.(Retrospect: one-half was right.) Striker tells Bateman that there was a rules violation last week, then cuts to video of Derrick Bateman and Daniel Bryan in the locker room with the corny "security camera" shot. She knew that their date is early so she decided not to eat, and hurriedly went outside when she sees Cody waiting for her."Hi Cody! They see some fans walking towards them, asking for autographs and take pictures with them."Here you go." They said to the fans."Can we take a picture with you? When they started to play the said game, they gained the attention of the other people in the arcade and recognized them."Hey guys its Cody Rhodes and Kelly Kelly from WWE! So I guess its after Judgment Day.""That's my guess too. John was excited yet shocked to find out that the two divas are going to return in the WWE. Cody Rhodes/Kelly Kelly Kelly Kelly woke up early and remembered her date with Cody.

" Cody replied as he gets some Chocolate Decadence from Kelly Kelly. ""Shop for new clothes, accessories, shoes and more! " Kelly Kelly said and all of a sudden her phone beeps. "For a second Cody.""Cody, Maryse texted me that Ted will introduce her to his family. Meanwhile in the kitchen..."Do you think Ted will tell us if Maryse is already his girlfriend? "Or he might just admit everything if he's going to marry her in the future?! One of the fans took pictures of Cody, Kelly Kelly and other fans. They played Tekken, and finally they played Dance Dance Revolution. The two superstars went to the arcade and seem to have a good time with each other. They were cheering and taking pictures of them together."Whoever will not win in this game will be the one to treat the other on the date today. Randy Orton He woke up early with his phone ringing loudly, its his best friend John Cena calling. Stacy left a voice message for me and said that they will return soon." Randy replied."WHAT?!

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