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There are other instances where you may find the serial number of any extant paperwork that came with the instrument.Here's the breakdown of Martin serial numbers covering over a century of guitar production.This can be seen by looking through the soundhole on the guitar towards the front of the instrument.

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The number can be seen by looking inside the sound hole. All f-hole Martin archtops have their serial and model numbers stamped on the inside center of the backstripe, roughly under the shadow of the bridge (and best seen from the bass side "f" hole).

Martin has kept meticulous records of the serial number of last guitar produced each year, so finding the year of production by serial number is as simple as finding the range it falls into the chart below.

In a vast majority of cases, the serial number on a Martin guitar can be found inside the body near the neck joint.

The reason the first number isn’t 1 is that the first guitars in production by Martin weren’t numbered like this.

But once they started this numbering system they estimated that they had built 8347 guitars before starting the system – so the first one in the system is 8348.

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