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Pether, the gentleman in charge of Fort Francis, and my own and Mr. I made numerous enquiries of the Indian guide during our journey res- pecting the breadth of the valley, and the answers received coupled with the statements of Mr.

mala, lorsqua cela Atait t ^ssibla, ces pages n'ont pas At* film Aas. ;, Ji i i ll' :\:iij\ \]' i| 34 The President of the Council has the honor to submit the annexed list, marked Schedule A, which contains the names of the parties composing the expedition to Red River, as organized in the month of July last, with the rates of pay, which, on consul- tation with the Commissioner of Public Works and the Commis- sioner of Crown Lands, were provided for the different members of the party. No formal minute in Council having been made, sanctioning the rates mentioned, the President suggests that a minute in Council be now passed accordingly to avoid confusion. The day upon which it rested was often exposed by the steep banks of numerous sluggish streams which cut the plateau to nearly the level of Rainy River, and evidently form channels by which the swamps in the rear are drained.

The river flows upon an alluvial bed partly of its own forma- tion, the materials being derived probably in groat pari from !

Confining my observations almost exclusively to the British side, the description which follows refers solely to the valley on the northern bank.

Where the lower plateau is alone visible, the vegetation it snstains is often characteristic of a poor and sandy soil.

The separation of these plateaux is a very important item in the description of the topography and general characteristics of Rainy River.

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