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good luck and keep on looking someone will pop up trust yourself. read more → Please stop putting yourself short if the guys you wont to chat to are not interested in you then that's their loss not yours.

Members and guests can use our forum freely - you don't have to register to access or contribute to any part of our forum.To submit a new post, please select the relevant category, then select the add a new post option.To be irresistible means to be so adorable and delightful, that you're impossible to resist.They're all gold diggers and it really hurts to know that women are only after your money just because i look ugly... I'm a single woman working in bespoke software development. read more → Posted by: Melissa C United Kingdom, Many years ago (before internet dating), following a 'Personal ad.,' I secured a blind date via the telephone with breathless Linda who I suspected of working out at the time I called, but she said not. Our meeting was somewhat surprising as, by Linda's own admission, she weighed thirty two stones (203 kg.). Of course I replied 'No.' Anyway, I had not taken a klaxton and trainers with me, and what harm could her weight do? read more → Posted by: Former member Location unknown, I have been dating couple of single parents.It's quite a serious thing to do like if you get into it you have to love everything about it. For now, I'm not ready for one, which is why i choose private dates for fun....

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