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In any case, South Korean society is changing extremely rapidly and is undergoing the beginning of a sexual revolution of its own, and all this is creating a more open environment.Many young women are willing to contemplate a romance with a Western man, even if their parents are often still horrified at the thought.Because once we as a couple met the multiracial scandal with a united front, the idea of me being “too different” eventually faded away.

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They warned her that any romance with a foreigner would not only ruin her own marriage prospects but would also make it more difficult for her brother and sister to marry.'' If I have a foreign boyfriend, then it's kind of a bad point on our whole family,'' the woman noted -- speaking in Mr. Although she lied to her parents, insisting that she had no foreign boyfriend, she has continued the romance, in great secrecy.'' Sometimes I just wish that Frank were Korean,'' she sighed. Love is the last area where even educated and progressive parents can still openly teach prejudice at home – which is the only reason interracial marriage is still scandalous.Few peers of any recent generation give much thought to friends dating outside of their race.However, far too many Americans who dare to love someone of a different racial or cultural background find they will still have to face something unpleasant – ranging from disappointment to being disowned – from those people they loved first, their mothers and fathers.This includes even a father from a cosmopolitan American city, with a postgraduate degree, who loves and respects someone of a different race at work and might even invite someone of a varying skin tone or eye shape to Thanksgiving dinner but privately will tell his 10-, 20- or even 40-year-old son, “but you can’t marry one of them.” Which is just what my husband’s father told him when he explained his intentions with me.

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