Kat von d dating now 2016

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While the shade was renamed, it's hard to believe that was just a big misunderstanding.

Kat Von D famously lives a vegan, hippie kind of lifestyle.

The stunt performer also shared a second photo of him and the celebrity tattoo artist last week, and took a moment to reflect on the new relationship.

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And just like you might expect from someone who is working on a full bodysuit of tattoos (except on her chest so guys will still look at her face, obviously) a lot of things about her life have been less than normal.Steve-O and Kat Von D are officially dating -- and here are the PDA pics to prove it.The "Jackass" alum took to Instagram on Monday to share a sweet new snap kissing his lady love. @thekatvond," the 41-year-old captioned the cute candid.Yet, for some reason, despite concerning evidence, Kat Von D has not been splashed across the headlines as someone who might think Jews are a lesser race.But Forward compiled a bunch of worrying indications. Kat seems to be weirdly cool having relationships with guys who are into Nazi stuff.

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