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Carrie’s guitar twang and shakes are what defines the alt-country sound of Limbeck.

Holding the rhythm front down are the well-framed drums of Matt Stephens and the heads up bass of Justin Entsminger.

Album standout “King Of Shots” is the closest Nanna gets to really letting rip vocally, backed by an uptempo song with palm-muted verses and soaring, jangly choruses.

Its energy is infectious, and missing throughout most of the other songs.

Too often, the band don't seem confident in the material.

Let Me Come Home starts out with no doubt that Limbeck are hitting the alt-country twang hard on “People Don’t Change.” Though “People Don’t Change” may be slightly repetitive on the title, it gives you your initial impression (if you are agnostic) of what’s in store for the next twelve songs.As a frontman, and joined by his cohorts, Mac Lean really carries the songs.The second immediately impressionable aspect of Limbeck is the simple, yet memorable guitar work of Patrick Carrie.) in the mix as the chorus creeps in and helps take the song to the next level.Part of the push is due to vocal help from Rachael Cantu, Justin Pierre and Kari Gray.

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