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The 63-year-old is best known for his work in hit television series that include the likes of Jungle Hooks, Dark Waters, River Monsters as well as Mighty Rivers.

He is a television presenter who does way more than just present.

Hello everybody, I'm back for more since my last AMA last year. And absolutely - please tune in this Sunday for the first episode of the new season of RIVER MONSTERS on Animal Planet! Someone asked what was the most challenging and the easiest location to record RIVER MONSTERS in, but their question was deleted, so here you go: Well, the hardest would have been Congo, in Central Africa. We didn't have a translator, it was very hard work just traveling, and on top of that, I had to have the physical and mental energy to fish. And then the other thing, number three: it's not about fancy gear, but the equipment you have, it's about attention to detail.

The new season of RIVER MONSTERS begins airing this Sunday, April 5th on Animal Planet at 9 PM E/P. Really because there's..infrastructure there - there's no transport system. And the crew have to keep all the gear in good condition - electronic equipment, which you have to keep dry, free of dust. Make sure to tie very good knots, your hook is sharp- be ready for the opportunity you might get.

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Jeremy has faced near-death experiences more times than he can count. He regards most of the animals that he comes across to be absolutely exquisite.

My greatest fear is that in a few years, there won't be any left. The monsters themselves are pretty scary, but what is scary is a world where there aren't any.

They're already MUCH harder to find than they were even 50 years ago.

There also may be local groups which run programs like this they can point you towards. I'm not a great fly-fisherman, I'm not a very experienced one, but I've got into that a bit recently, and fly fishermen can use some very strange things to incorporate into their flies. Ehm - I think I even used once the hair of a collie dog, some black hair from a collie dog. They say it could be because women are secreting, just from their skin, some kind of hormone that is attractive to the fish.

In my state there are great programs to get more youth involved in fishing run by the game and parks department, and also some great non-profit organizations that work alongside them to hold outings and clinics. My personal theory is that they are probably fishing better than the men, and the men have to make up some kind of excuse to justify their lack of results. But one place I have liked a lot is Guyana - that's right on the northern edge of South America.

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