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Seen from the future, there is not much special to tell about this year. Curiosity, a NASA rover wandering on Mars sent proof than milliones of years ago a warm pond existed there.Darwin, the great scientist hatred by the Church, believed once that life started in such rich waters.We are giving guidance on what constitutes state aid.We are making it easier for service providers to expand to the other Member States and creating a digital single market.

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The faster we can deliver on the internal market side, the faster we can get a better business environment and a better investment environment.

For instance, in annual growth surveys and when analysing Member States’ economies, we have identified national barriers for investments and some of those findings ended up in the country-specific recommendations.

So we are encouraging Member States to carry out structural reforms which will boost an investment environment at national and local level.

I will not go to the root causes as to why we are lacking investments.

Everybody knows many of the reasons, but I would just like to raise some points on what we have already done in order to promote investments and strengthen job creation in Europe.

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