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[The Redskins and the stories behind their jersey numbers] “People act like this is new news. You can't just keep retiring numbers because of tragedy.The former NFL running back who was a fan favorite in Washington, has quite a few creditors after him and some of the names on the list are intriguing. Monday afternoon the former Redskins running back went on ESPN 980’s “The Drive” with Steve Czaban and Chris Cooley to explain his financial situation.Back in June, it was reported that Portis owed the IRS nearly half a million dollars.This very well could be one of those polarizing arguments that may not have a correct answer. Collins loved Taylor and wants to wear the number in honor of him.His intentions are good, the number isn't retired, end of story. Give the number to best player on/off the field."If you wear it, you honor it."There's an argument for bothretiring a number is a very big sign of respect, but at the same time, so is the mentality of not allowing just anyone to wear that number - they should be distinguished and maybe embody what that number means.He said he didn’t know, that he would have to ask Snyder and Taylor’s family.

Clinton Portis has filed for bankruptcy and the details are not pretty.

The University of Miami product made more than million in his NFL career.

He was not exactly a tightwad when it came to his spending, as evidenced by videos that still live on in You Tube lore.

Even then, as the jersey spilled out, Collins couldn’t touch it. Finally, former Alabama teammate Ryan Anderson, who was also at the dinner, joked: “I should have told you what was in the box so you wouldn’t have to cry.”Several times Thursday afternoon, Collins was asked whether he will be allowed to wear Taylor’s No.

21, which has never been worn by a Washington player since Taylor’s 2007 death.

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