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Under these circumstances, although your conversation may have intimidated Bob (and even discouraged him from testifying), you didn't knowingly do so and therefore didn't violate Penal Code 136.1 PC.Similar to the example above, if you are just passing along information that you find helpful..don't intend to cause any harm or obstruct justice in any way..aren't acting maliciously and are not, therefore, violating the law.Pettigrew approached Mr O'Donnell and was 'close enough that his chin was touching his chest', the prosecutor said.Pettigrew said: "You want to be careful who you give evidence against - and tell the truth."You better not forget - we know who you are and where you live."At that point, Pettigrew could be heard to mutter from the dock 'bulls**t!

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'Mrs Wood continued: "Mr O'Donnell thought it was a threat to him and his family."Ms Howard was also present when the defendant approached," she said.

Pettigrew turned to her and said: "You don't look like you are fearing for your life!

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Witness intimidation is a serious offence and a conviction for the offence will, unless the offence is fleeting and in the heat of the moment, there is a high likelihood that any convicted defendant will end up with a sentence of imprisonment unless handled with the utmost skill and judgement.

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