Intimidating ground

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With mobile first, you save a large chunk of CSS you simply don't have to write, making it smaller and your website faster.

To determine where your breakpoint will be, you can opt to use values like 320px, 375px, 768px and 1024px, which all map to various real device widths. But when new devices become more popular your design might not look so good on those devices.

Try to style element sizes in relation to their surroundings. If you make use of these layout methods, you'll end up needing less media queries to achieve the same design.

Less media queries means less to reason about, and your code's shorter to boot.

Just find out from which media query down (or up) you need to update your CSS.

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Essendon great Matthew Lloyd said Naitanui, who dominated the stoppages against Fremantle in his second game back on Saturday night, instantly made West Coast a four-goal better team.

Quick rule of thumb: you want your line lengths to be around 70 characters long. Your media queries are based on the content so this will let your site look great even for people that have made their browsers base font-size larger or smaller or have zoomed in their browser.

The rest of your design will properly adjust to this and make your site more robust.

“He doesn’t need a lot of touches and he’s made them a four goal better team in my opinion.“No one else can make someone a four goal better team like he can …

it’s a massive advantage.“Aaron Sandilands must have thought maybe I should have waited one more week to come back.”West Coast has climbed from fifth to second in the past three weeks after wins against Essendon, Hawthorn and Fremantle, with Naitanui transforming the midfield.

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