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It's crazy to think that just twenty years ago TV was reluctant to air shows with diverse cast members.It's also shocking to see what actors wanted to move from TV to film, no matter how much money was offered to them to stay on their hit show.was a hilariously strange Canadian comedy that featured sketches with alcoholic fathers, beards that had a life of their own, and anti-homophobic monologues of "Queer Nation." Mixing sketch comedy with improv, the small cast invented hundreds of characters.Irreverent, witty, and ahead of its time, lasted five seasons garnering a dedicated audience who couldn't wait to see more.

Margaret Cho went on to say, “When you’re the first person to cross over this racial barrier, you’re scrutinized for all these other things that have nothing to do with race, but they have everything to do with race – it’s a very strange thing.” Thankfully Cho would find much success with her stand-up tours and films.

It's even more miserable when a show gets the can at the last minute.

While many TV shows get the plug pulled due to "low ratings," there were many incredibly shocking reasons why hit shows got the axe in the 90s.

Dean Stockwell played sidekick Admiral Al Calavicci who helps Beckett along the way, hoping that he can finally leap back home. Yes, the network was worried about low ratings for a while, however once creator/screenwriter Donald P.

Bellisario presented the cliffhanging finale to the network, the cast and crew were promised there would be a sixth season. Both Bakula and Bellisario publicly professed their upset, as did fans.

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