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The objective of the Context Assessment for Community Health (COACH) project was to develop and psychometrically validate a tool for LMICs to assess aspects of context influencing the implementation of evidence-based practices (EBP) [30] that could be used to achieve better insights into the process of implementing EBPs.The name of the tool was chosen to reflect the focus of the project in terms of understanding how health systems context relates to the provision of care to community members.Also, similarly to the ACT, we aimed to develop a tool that focused on modifiable aspects of context, i.e. This project was developed within an informal network, which had a focus on implementation research and the ‘know-do-gap’ in relation to the millennium development goals 4–6 [31].In a network meeting in 2010, a member of the network identified the need for a tool to assess local organizational context in LMICs as context was seen as an important variable influencing the implementation of health interventions.

A supportive context is considered a key element for successful implementation of evidence-based practices (EBP).The 2012 World Health Report No Health Without Research emphasized the importance of implementing research into policy and practice as a means of achieving universal and equitable access to healthcare [1].This highlights the challenges to determine the most effective implementation strategies for interventions, how to understand which strategies work where and why, and in doing so, promoting the better use of research [2–4].The tool has 49 items measuring eight aspects of context: Resources, Community engagement, Commitment to work, Informal payment, Leadership, Work culture, Monitoring services for action and Sources of knowledge.Aspects of organizational context that were identified as influencing the implementation of EBPs in high-income settings were also found to be relevant in LMICs.

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