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I have not seen his documentary renouncing his former views or read anything about it beyond knowing that it exists.Fame is like money—getting it too young can destroy you.It is one thing to be a child actor or singer—but to be a child “guru” giving advice on major life decisions is just ludicrous!As Joy Pullman writes on the Federalist: “For one: why on earth did a major Christian publishing house decide it was a good idea to publish the musings of an as-yet relationally unsuccessful young man on romance?urged not just garden-variety premarital abstinence, but went even further, encouraging a commitment to parent-guided “courtship” rather than dating.” (Jezebel.com) Personally, I am in favor of courtship—what godly parent would not want someone to involve them in the process, while pursuing their daughter?But I also recognize that it is not always practical and it has its downfalls, and Don’t get me wrong.

This week we learned that former homeschooler and child-author Joshua Harris not only left his wife, but also has announced that he is departing from the faith.

Joshua Harris giving dating advice at age 21 was not just cute and fascinating, but wrong and destructive.

What could an unmarried 21-year-old know about dating and courtship? ) He was just repeating what others had taught him at conferences like the home-schooling world’s wildly popular Bill Gothard seminars (A fundamentalist, near cultic teacher, who himself has been accused of grooming young girls and molesting them.

He was the leader of a judgment culture, while preying on young girls.). Mahaney, leader of the (their original name) started off as a cutting edge, prophetic and apostolic movement.

Because it came in the package of a homeschooler fresh out of high school, we bought into it. I remember encouraging my girls to read, I have heard from other parents who had to ask forgiveness from their children for pushing the book on them without fully thinking it through. In Bible school, I devoured their monthly magazine.

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