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So, start today, use the three flirting tips and prepare to make a difference in the number of women in your life.This way you can become the topic of conversation amongst your friends as they wonder where you learned how to flirt with a woman they just met.Unless you know each other or have at least been chatting for a while, physical contact can be taken the wrong way and is a social faux pas in any situation - especially when you are trying to impress! "You may sound like you are being unique but you have unfortunately annoyed her incredibly.Here is an example:"Excuse me, but you have a beep on your nose. Not only did you touch her but you thought she had something that a clown would show off.3: The Cocky Approach It's one thing to be confident - but there is a fine line between confidence and cockiness. Out of all the girls here, I chose you to talk to."Are you a male supermodel?In fact guys love to add exaggeration to the mix - thinking it will finally earn them a date."why spoil a good story with the truth" they say - and the males of our species certainly ring that one true.The problem really does stem from the fact that men are from Mars and women are from Venus - we quite literally speak a different language.As men, our sense of humor is way different than that of women.

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Ask any man and he'll tell you that honesty is not the best policy when it comes to meeting girls.Nice Guy is a horrible position to be in if you are meeting a woman for the first time. Nice Guy is the most important dating tip you will ever learn.Be Unpredictable You need to make her feel secure, how do you make balance security with excitement?Well, knowing how to flirt with women is all about being a somewhat unpredictable and keeping her guessing.But, you have to make sure that your unpredictability and mystery can be balanced with your confidence and responsibility.

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