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Taking to Twitter (as he often does) Pro Green said: 'So two days ago it was Caroline Flack, before that Arabella Drummond and now Kate Rothschild.

Professor Green has shot down rumours he is dating millionaire banking heiress Kate Rothschild.

Meanwhile, Cara is openly bisexual, having last been in a relationship with St Vincent and having been linked to Harry Styles, Michelle Rodriguez and Jake Bugg.

We know there is a huge community out there and we want you to find each other.We have heard (and experienced) many stories of how difficult it is to connect on traditional dating sites and we hope that Green Tea and Coffee will allow you to find the man or woman of your dreams.Besides dating, we are also an AMWF, AMBF and AMXF community of people who are fascinated with Asian culture so please check out our new Stories and Blog section and Shop.It seems Professor Green has a thing for heiresses.Yep, despite it only being a couple of months since his 'amicable' split with Quality Street beneficiary Millie Mackintosh, Professor Green has seemingly moved on with banking heiress Kate Rothschild.

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