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On-going support groups are crucial in the life-long treatment of clinical depression, as some sufferers will experience relapses throughout their lives.However, these relapses do not have to hinder those suffering from living life to the fullest.Stock cleared quickly, suggesting that there is both demand for an i Phone that size (4in) and that people are desperate for a low-cost i Phone.Having established the level of demand, could Apple now determine that it is time to launch a new i Phone SE? For one thing, it's possible that we'll never get an SE replacement that's as small - a 4in screen is rather cramped for today's tastes.), new features and price, including the latest leaked photos.And things currently look fairly positive: an April 2019 report suggests that a new i Phone with a smaller screen could be coming in 2019, although a Barclays analyst predicts we'll have to wait until 2020.Although praises you on finding us, knowing that there are days when dealing with clinical depression often makes it difficult to face the day, never mind find the strength to turn the computer on and search for help.You are commended for seeking a support network, and most welcome to join this online depression support community.

Apple still sells a lot of i Phones, but by the company's stellar standards sales have taken a dip in recent quarters.

The signs of depression include prolonged sadness, hopelessness, low self-esteem, restlessness, anxiety and frustration.

You may lack the energy to do the things that once made you happy or to even get out of bed some days. Depression can strike anyone at any time, perhaps from a chemical imbalance, traumatic life event, or postpartum, to name a few.

(The i Phone XR starts at £749/9, and nothing since September 2017 has been smaller than 5.8in.) But there is at last some hope that an i Phone SE 2 will be launched in the near future.

In this article we collect and analyse the clues pointing to the SE 2's release date, tech specs, design (will Apple come up with an i Phone XR mini?

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