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If you’re not sure where to start, her job is usually a good bet.

“Women love knowing that you take their work and ambitions seriously,” Dr. “Ask her about what made her go into her career, and what she plans or wants to accomplish.

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Avoid the pitfall: If it’s a first date, let them know that you’d really like to treat her.Find out why it’s important to her.” Getting drunk on a first date doubles your chances of looking like a fool—and raises a major red flag, Dr. She won’t know if you just guzzled your whiskey to ease your first-date jitters or if you hit the bottle too hard every night.Avoid the pitfall: “Guys drink too much when they’re nervous,” Dr. To slow yourself down, have some food, alternate your alcoholic beverages with water, and go for drinks you know you can’t guzzle.“Frugal” is scheduling a lunch date instead of a dinner date, but “cheap” is telling her she can’t order dessert.“If you’re cheap with money, you’re probably cheap with emotions and possibly in bed, too,” she says.

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