Generic dating

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This question is just about as generic as they come, but can be a window into your date’s social life.

Moving is a rather strategic decision for most of us — for instance maybe they’re applying to grad school there or they’re seeking a career in a specific industry (aka moving to San Francisco to work in tech).Again, this one will probably come up naturally but is still important!If your date says they frequent the bar you’re at, this is a clue that they are a creature of habit — once they find something they like they stick with it!While there is obviously nothing wrong with being new to a place, be mindful that those that are new to the area may tend to use dating apps to meet a ton of new people quickly (aka they’re going on dates every single night of the week to make platonic friendships).Of course, it won't be the case for every newbie, but take note if a date makes a pointed effort of trying to “stay friends” with you even if it seems like you two have nothing in common.

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