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It's Just for future reference, ANY K-Pop idol is 99% NOT going to have a personal facebook account. Because for one, it'd be too risky and their company wouldn't let them, and two, facebook just isn't that popular in South Korea as some may believe.

Love them,,, Fighting~ -VIP Until Whenever- Yes, he doesn't have a personal one but there is a professional one made by YG Entertainment.

It is said to be because he is extremely sensitive to coldness and also feels uncomfortable showing his skin to other people. The buzz came from images posted on the Instagram of both T. The place where those photos were taken is said to be a luxury flat where only top 1% of all can live, which makes their fans even more shocked. In mid-2015, it was revealed Min-a was dating Kim Woo-bin. P has disclosed what type of girl he likes in detail. P also recently said he prefers them not to drink alcohol. And he also feels uncomfortable both putting a burden on his girlfriend and her becoming a burden on him. When he participated in a press conference for the global project Secret Message, he was asked where he would recommend as a dating spot for the Japanese actress Juri Ueno.

They were likely to be in the same room and took the picture because it is almost impossible for the building to appear like this if they were taken from the different rooms or floors. (Source: On Singapore’s men’s fashion magazine called Men’s Folio, pictures of TOP was scattered all over the said magazine. He wishes for a woman who is stylish, sexy, nice to people around her, works hard, has a good taste, has a sense of humor, has strong features and keeps a clean tongue. But he seems to have changed his view after working with actors who got married and built a happy family. P stated how he saw his senior actors get calls from their wife and admired how they had a family to treasure. Responding to the question, he suggested Han River and stated there is no river as beautiful as it. P has a great popularity not only within South Korea but across the world, however not so many scandals can be found around him. It is a supportive evidence that he has served as an idol thoroughly.

After a series of struggle in Entertainment business, GD began working as a trainee in YG Entertainment and decided to form a duo band as GDYB with Taeyang.

However, the Entertainment Company agreed to create a group and started to audition for members.

P –Profile and Facts of TOP: Bio, Fan Facts, History etc.

some time you get all kinds of things but here some that are used a lot best rapper of all time The greatest selling album in 2009 was GDragon's solo album GDragon is known to have very interesting fashion sense that all i got hope it works victoria :) Sorry to disappoint you, but G-Dragon and Sandara aren't in love with each other. It's my personal opinion, but I don't think that GD likes girls,lol. I.) SO-1 However, during their first concert, SO-1 had a major nervous breakdown and had stage fright. He usually wears long-sleeved clothes even though the rest of members wear short-sleeved ones. The media reported an article with an image which claims that T. The two have taken time out from their busy schedule to secretly go on dates about once a week and been very careful to make sure nobody find out their relationship, changing the place every hour. You can hardly see him wear short sleeved clothes no matter how hot it is. P has been going on dates with Krystal, a member of k-pop group f(x), for two years, which makes both of their fans anxious over the truth behind the rumor. You can find the same building taken at the same angle and location on their Instagram. A representative of their company categorically denied the dating rumor. P mentioned his thoughts on marriage in a previous interview. He disclosed that he doesn’t like to stay in the same room with somebody else when getting up in the morning. The group with its massive hit albums won several Awards such as Awards at MNet Asian Music in the Year 2008, 2012, and 2015.Furthermore, they became Best World Wide Act Winner at 2011 MTV Europe Music Awards.

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