Fridae dating

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Facebook, for example, has so far succeeded in edging out most of its regional competitors and is currently the social network where many activist groups prefer to organize.

Meanwhile, dating services geared toward gay men are proliferating all across Asia.

Six more installments soon rounded out the series, most of them surpassing one million views apiece.

The success of “My Best Gay Friends” exemplifies how user-generated content is reaching unlikely audiences—sometimes producing unpredictable reactions.

Southeast Asia’s sizable and growing tourist economy makes more lavish overtures to LGBT consumers each year.

The latter trend has continued apace, though, in many ways determining what’s filled that void since.

That political climate coincides with ongoing transformations in the ways LGBT users and media have traversed the Web since the 1990s.

“HIV really pushed gay liberation forward in many Asian countries” and “enabled gay men to form de facto organizations and network,” John Goss, founder of, a major English-language source for Asian-based LGBT news, travel, entertainment, and social networking, explains.

It depends on how they carry themselves.” Last year, the journalist Nguyen Qui Duc cautioned that personal “videos or expressions of alternative lifestyles only happen with a small segment of the population.

They are novelties, and they are noticed,” but their impact in Vietnam is limited. In 2005, the country’s Internet users were estimated at 12.8% of the population. And with nearly 44% of the country’s population younger than 25, it’s likely that new media platforms will fast become natural forms of communication for an emerging generation of users.

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