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For three years before that she was busy online dating, but she is now off the market after getting married in 2017. You want to come across as natural.” I ask her how many men I should focus on chatting to and seeing at once. She explains: “Multiple dating doesn’t even exist in France.” For now, Pickable is building a steady band of new fans — but Clementine has big plans.

She says: “He said he was always there, but I just hadn’t noticed him.” Clementine listens in horrified silence as I tell her about my boozy nights out with men I barely like. She aims to make the app the ultimate “wing woman”, helping ladies decide not just who to date but what to wear and how to stay safe.

French men may lack the height and humour of their British counterparts, but one thing they’re really good at is approaching women.

Which is why “happn”, the newest, hottest dating app, is so surprising.

He was unshaven, long-haired and handsome in a soul-in-torment sort of way.

If you fancy the person, you click on a small red heart (known as a Like).

If the feeling’s mutual the app announces “It’s a crush” and you can start messaging each other.

“Ten years ago we might have been ashamed about dating apps and websites,” says Nadia Bensalah, a 34-year-old advertising executive.

“But now, if you’re not on them, you’re probably out of the game.” So what happens when two people – myself and a friend, James Innes – decide to test out France’s hip new app? Will we find that much desired coup de foudre or will we be wallflowers in our own town?

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