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PM BBT – Jessica tells Christie she’s feeling all of the emotions.Christie says she’s not crying because she’s cried enough this summer. PM BBT – Jessica says she can’t be mad at anyone other than herself. She says she wanted to play Big Brother just to prove to herself that she could do things in the game that no one that has ever looked like her in the game do. AM BBT – Jess talks with Tommy over her struggles with being nominated.Tommy tells her both the noms could still be here by the end of the week, she never knows. Jackson and Holly’s arguments probably won’t go anywhere so they’ll make up and move on.

Chatlines are certainly better compared to online dating, as hearing voice is better than texting on phone or computer because it allows you to tap into something real and will help you know instantly that whether you well connect with a person or not. PM BBT – Jess tells Nicole she feels like she (J) is being played by some of the HGs including Nicole who she says gave her partially true information. PM BBT – Holly is feeling frustrated that she came on this show and is only going to be known for being in a showmance. PM BBT – Nicole starts to wonder if Jackson and Holly are working with Christie and Tommy.She says that lines up with Sis going home over Christie and then him not putting up Tommy and Christie together. PM BBT – Cliff encourages Holly to find things to do on her own, separate from Jackson so she feels more independently represented in the game. AM BBT – Holly and Jackson are finally talking again.

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