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They’re not shy, they’re loud, they love to dance, and they’re sweet. Although Filipinas are known to be petite, because they mostly are, and are usually seen as having small, perky boobs, there are the occasional big breasted ones.

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One of the nearest and best beaches is Puerto Galera.

However, since the Philippines is …Read more The Philippines is quickly becoming one of the most popular countries for guys all around the world to visit, and rightfully so.

Here, you can find some of the best beaches in the entire world, bustling urban metropolises, and of course a seemingly endless amount of exotic, outgoing, and fun Filipina girls.

But if it’s your first time in the Philippines you might not even know what to order. Then you probably want to know how to get to the city center as quick as possible.

Mabuhay in Filipino, translated to English means “Live Long.” This is the main way people in the Philippines greet each other. Theirs is a bit more intimate and it’s like they’re saying they pretty much welcome everybody with arms wide open.

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