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- Zoniya, Pakistan I have a large number of fakes in this chat room because they envy me.

- Namra, United Kingdom It was my dream to find this website. - Margot I keep leaving this site, but it's keeping me back again and again. - Giullianna, Philippines Chatlace gave me a platform to express my feelings freely.

This chat room was renamed to Chatlace ( that day.

It might be the most simple chat room on the earth, but it has varied visitors, various things, varying words and variable meanings.

Lace is a delicate fabric woven in a weblike pattern or a string used to tie up things.

I have a variety of lace dresses in my wardrobe, a couple of necklaces in my drawer, and a myriad of shoelaces in my closet.

- Invisible, Philippines Chatlace is easier to access than any other site. - Rude Boy, Nigeria If you are mentally disturbed, Chatlace is a good site to show your mentality.

- Frosty, India Thanks for creating this place where I can write whatever I like. It's funny to write on Chatlace because no one knows who I am.

Chatlace is something that connects people around the world.

- Hari, India They come, they leave, and then they come again.

- Miro Silva17, Hong Kong Chatlace prevents depression.

- Rundeep, Mauritius Chatlace has diminished the rate of suicide.

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