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For 4G/LTE Smart uses 700 MHz (28), 850 MHz (5), 1800 MHz (3) and 2100 MHz (1); Globe uses 700 MHz (28), 1800 MHz (3), 2300 MHz (40 in TDD-LTE) and 2600 MHz (7).The Philippines has long been notorious for having one of the slowest internet connections in the world and mobile internet is no exception.If you need data at one particular spot, ask locally which one to choose.But don't ask anyone attached to a provider in a phone shop, they just want to sell their own product.In the Philippines, there is a constant dispute, which network is better: Globe or Smart?By international or regional standards, both of them remain pretty bad. On most places (outside of Metro Manila) only one network is useable for data and this changes regionally.Globe had been slowly gaining on the market leader Smart since 2012 when Globe had only a 32% market share.

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This is remarkable as Smart holds 290 MHz bandwidth and employs 12,000 BTS while Globe only 210 MHz and 7000 BTS in 2017.2G-GSM/EDGE is on 9 MHz, 3G UMTS up to HSPA on 850 MHz on Smart and 900 MHz on Globe and mainly on 2100 MHz on both networks.4G/LTE started in the Metro Manila and has been extened to other cities so far.If you’d like to learn more about Viber Out calling rates* check them out and get the best offers on any location around the world.And in case you’re interested in learning the ropes when it comes to calling Mexico from the USA, calling India from the USA, and Canada and even calling the UK from the USA, we’ve got you covered.

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