Free dirty chat bots with video

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They often use bots to sign up and to seek out the people with searches for (for example) 50-ish year old widows (they know their markets!

I was amazed when I hit about 48 at the sheer amount of romance-scammers I started getting messages from! In these cases, once the automated-mailer/bot gets a reply a real human will follow it up.

Wife died of cancer in a car crash, and would love to know more about you.

Distance is no object and love has no age limits”).

The scammers are always slightly ahead of the dating sites (because until the sites have seen what they are doing, they can’t easily adapt) and that’s why the bots seem to be always there and slipping through, when in reality hundreds of thousands of them are being blocked monthly.

Ironically the “lone kid in a cybercafe in Ghana” who is reading his scamming-guide from a 20th generation photocopied scam-manual he bought for often slips through because it’s hard to detect them!

ention the year 2013 to anyone who uses Facebook pages and you’ll likely get the same response: a groan.

That could well be named the Year Organic Reach Died.

Scams like that are generally driven by a real human at the other end.

But there’s another type - These are the nearly 100% bots and a good example of those is the Skype Sex Blackmail Bots.

They don’t always use Skype, they can use Whats App, Kik etc now, but basically the bots will sign up to a dating site and target a completely different demographic - Horny young men.

Previously, you could only market via messenger to people who had messaged your page OR “opted in” through receiving a freebie or something through messenger. And suddenly, you have a message from that page in Facebook Messenger.

This protected people essentially from getting ads direct to messenger from pages they had simply Liked, for example. I have seen multiple people using a comment-to-bot feature. If you reply to that message, you have essentially opted in to someone’s Facebook messenger list.

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